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Free will

I believe we will have to accept that Man will never overcome his animalistic instincts to fight and kill. There can be no change for Man unless He sets out on the thorny path to freedom – salvation – through meditation. Many people lose faith and blame God for the atrocities we witness daily. Still, once upon a time, Homo Sapiens lived peacefully, hunted, and killed animals to eat for survival, and lived contentedly with the little they owned. God gave Man free will, but Man used this privilege to seek more gains, obtain land, possessions, etc., and kill his fellow beings (woman and children).

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We live in absurd times

We live in absurd times, when shells are blowing up warships, tanks, and women and children are losing their lives to enemy bullets. There exists a sense of DeJa’Vu - hadn’t we left this kind of primitive warfare in 1945, and it was for only the history books to repeat the horrors?

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Dr Barnardo’s Refugee children

Imagine that we were in the 1970s, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine was happening all around us. In the 1970s, Barnardo's was in the throes of winding down its activities in giving shelter to homeless children. Thanks to the introduction of the birth control pill (1960) and government benefits for single mothers, fewer children found themselves abandoned to walk the streets.

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‘Stop in your tracks’ moment

If we were at the height of our career, enjoying excellent health, having great friends, colleagues, family, etc., why would we want to stop and take a long hard look at our life? I suspect it's not the kind of thing one would naturally do. We might have a 'stop in our tracks' moment once in a decade, barring tragedy (a family death) that would automatically hit us with a 'stop in our tracks' moment. During a recent radio interview, the radio presenter asked me if I ever stood back and took stock of my success during my heyday (I have been a successful songwriter). I answered that at the time, I was too busy writing songs.